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Βορέας | Boreas | Johannes Bohdan
15 September 2009 @ 09:28 pm
[there's the crash of a trash can being thrown at a brick wall, planned, this post is deliberate]

I have been gone for two whole days. Have you noticed? Any of you?

[a bitter laugh]

Of course you didn't. None of you do. As always. It's not like I haven't tried or anything. No, I have. With each and every one of you. AND NONE OF YOU GAVE ME A FUCKING CHANCE.

[the wind is picking up, but as it gets noisier, he gets louder]

You think I like this? Any of it? The fact that all of you fucking hate me? That I wake up each morning enjoying this feeling? The fact that none of you can stand my presence? THE FACT THAT NONE OF YOU - NOT ONE OF YOU GIVES A DAMN? Do you think I feel ecstatic because of this? I love it? That this was the intent?

None of you ever gave a damn. And you know what?

[there's another metallic smash]

I'M FUCKING SICK OF THIS. OF ALL OF IT. ALL OF YOUR FUCKING MELODRAMA, YOUR IDIOCY, AND HYPOCRISY. Back before at least it never fucking mattered - all of it, the fact that even when I attempt a civil conversation with ANY of you, each of you whip around to shove it in my face. EACH OF YOU.



[...perhaps the fact that he's crying is now apparent to the listeners]

You fucking ruined it. Each and every - every one of you. You've turned this into this, it never - never ever  would have gone like this if you'd all DONE SOMETHING ASIDE WHAT YOU USUALLY DO. For all of it.

[the wind is nearly drowning him out at this point,]

And you fucking now know what? She wouldn't - NONE OF THEM would be like this - if it weren't for you. Each of you, each - each of-

[drowned out by his own breakdown, the wind slowly dying until the phone clicks off]
Βορέας | Boreas | Johannes Bohdan
10 September 2009 @ 11:31 am
The modern world is idiotic. It's a given, already known. However, are you all aware of some of the things that have been preached? No one believes anything. (Pseudologos shut up, do not butt in) Unlike the past where what said is taken for truth, lies run rampant. No one will believe you if claim to be someone. Johannes Bohdan for instance. Papers, ID, and more have to be taken in to PROVE the fact that I am who I say I am. Even though there's the fact that isn't who I am at all. Idiots.

Nor is there any claiming of former status - carted off to the 'looney-bin' as it's called simply for telling the truth. Even when one's flair is acting up in their faces while painfully obvious. However it's not only names and identity.

Children for instance. Lineage can't be proven without blood tests or form. No one takes words or obvious similarities as they are. Worst of all.

No one believes you're married unless you have a marriage certificate.

Βορέας | Boreas | Johannes Bohdan
12 August 2009 @ 09:27 am
After this week and some thought And Oreithyia begging and despite the cost, I've decided to look into getting a driver's license. Parking is going to be impossible and cost a fortune, but there's the possibility of doing work in the outer areas of the city, and getting away from you all that more easily.

There's also a significant lack of documents around here. A license wasn't given by the apartment manager upon arrival, merely a birth certificate and a social security card. There's some loose information on schools I've supposedly attended and a few references. One can't leave the country on this obviously, but it seems lacking on further inspection.

Some of these papers must have gotten blown away. That's it.
Βορέας | Boreas | Johannes Bohdan
Work is tiresome; I doubt they'd even notice if I left at this point, but there was supposed to be a meeting ten minutes ago. I hear the other agents in the room over. I doubt Ares and Aphrodite could make more noise. I need earplugs or something to hide the evidence should I kill them. You'd imagine for how many screams that there's been they'd start this meeting already so others can take care of business. Of course not.

I called up the sender of my package. She sent it here instead f the complex. I don't know how that happened. She was intimidated enough by the phone call - a compensation should be arriving shortly enough. It's reassuring to come across mortals with traditional behaviour.

Ore, you're coming with me to work on Friday. We'll go down the street, once I finish up the morning appointement....It's a surprise.
Βορέας | Boreas | Johannes Bohdan
23 July 2009 @ 09:57 am
I liked the old laptop better. It seemed bigger than this one; the keys much easier to reach. And it did have the few reports I had written for work on it...Fucking hate it here. Added to the list of things to avoid - waffles and the devices which make them.

Warning you all yet again to leave Oreithyia alone. Especially those of you who have been taking advantage of a certain feature these journals offer. Back off.

The idiots at Chesea Piers went and put in a petition for hanging garden off of their balcony. Must go again to explain why that's not allowed - they still don't seem to realize the obvious fact that their balcony needs to be repaired. Not add more things to it. If it weren't for things drawing me home, I'd go across the street after...oh. Not a bad idea at all.


Tithonus, Zephyrus - what happened to my package? I need what was in there. Now.
Βορέας | Boreas | Johannes Bohdan
Tithonus, Zephyrus; everything left in the room you can keep. None of it was important, and it's mostly broken. Should any of you actually need me - highly doubtful - I'm not there. A package should be coming in the next couple of days, it's mine do not touch it.

And fair warning as some of you seem to have forgotten already. Back off from Oreithyia.
Βορέας | Boreas | Johannes Bohdan
The woman hired at work a couple of weeks ago was paired up with me at an inspection over in Greenwich. It itself went fine, we shouldn't need to return. But Cronus can be damned even further for letting that woman join the business, and working with me. The fact that my skin is several degrees colder than others does not make me your personal cooling device.

At least she'll never make the same mistake again.




Tell me how to-


And if the people who came up with Ebay are supposedly geniuses, why is the process to buy anything so difficult?
Βορέας | Boreas | Johannes Bohdan
28 June 2009 @ 10:35 pm

A question, as I've devoted quite a bit of time to this and couldn't come up with an answer.

What is the appeal of soap operas exactly? I can't the be only that views it as just a small exaggeration on regular daily life.